Pennan Inn BnB & Gallery is labelled Safe2Stay®

Safe2Stay® are proud to be protecting Pennan Inn BnB and Gallery. The Pennan Inn BnB and Gallery is in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in the North East of Scotland. A fun fact about Pennan it was an area that heavily featured in the 1980’s film, Local Hero.

The iconic telephone booth remains and has gained the village large amounts of notoriety.

Pennan Inn BnB & Gallery offer a unique experience as they are positioned right on the bay of Moray Firth, meaning that you can listen to the crashing waves right from your bedroom!

There is plenty to do around the area, you can find the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Macduff Marine Aquarium and Duff House Historic Scotland.

The rooms are equipped with modern necessities, bright and cosy. They offer the perfect environment to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine whilst overlooking the Scottish Sea.

Safe2Stay® have been incorporated into the strict cleaning plans that ensure they align with all Scottish government guidelines. The Total Room Sanitiser is utilised as the last method of cleaning before they welcome the next guests.

Monika and Roland Focht, the owners of Pennan Inn Bnb and Gallery, have said:

“We decided to use the Total Room for our rooms because we want to offer the best and safest standard for our guests that we could! It’s a good feeling to be at the safe side even if you are a family business just like us”

Safe2Stay® are proud to be working with local and national businesses that are situated all around the UK. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know each and every business we work with, understanding their requirements enables us to supply the best and safest products that offer total reassurance.

Pennan Inn Bnb and Gallery have plenty of favourable reviews that are readable here. If you would like book your getaway the stunning BnB then get in touch via the website –


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