English Holiday Cruises are Safe2Stay®

A unique customer of ours who has been delighted with the use of our Total Room Sanitisers is English Holiday Cruises Ltd – an exceptional cruise service that offers six different tours and excursions along the River Severn.

Edward Elgar, the 4-star Riverboat hotel, provides customers with a high standard of comfort, facilities, and food. The live-in crew prioritise passenger safety and comfort – delivering a luxurious service and creating a welcoming atmosphere for all. If you are looking for a tranquil break site-seeing, taking in the wildlife and history of your surroundings, their Cotswold cruises are the perfect getaway for you.

It has been important for the team at English Holiday Cruises to maintain their customer’s high expectations and continue their journeys, so they have enhanced their training and safety measures on the Edward Elgar. It is a privilege therefore for Safe2Stay® to be incorporated into their already rigorous cleaning regime within passenger’s rooms and the communal areas.

“We wanted to have several layers of COVID security on our cruise holiday vessel, the Edward Elgar. We added ‘Safe2Stay®’ to our many other procedures as a sanitising routine between cruises, to ensure that just before boarding every new group of guests, all airspaces and surfaces were thoroughly sanitised. So far, so very good!” – Richard Clements (MD, English Holiday Cruises Ltd, Gloucester).

We are happy to hear that this family-run business are taking precautions so seriously!

To book your incredible Riverboat cruise, click here to be taken to the English Holiday Cruise website.

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